Lauren - 2005-05-24 13:37:11
When I boight my house, I also purchased a lovely, white comforter set for my bed. It looked great for about ten seconds UNTIL MY DOG HORKED ALL OVER IT (with indelibly staining hork-dye). They should have warning labels on bedding that tell pet owners that white and sticky uppy things do not go with pets.
Laurenagain - 2005-05-24 13:38:29
Dear lord! Can I ever write anything that doesn't have a typo??!! Boight??
GoingLoopy - 2005-05-24 16:54:22
One of my (retarded) cats does that little trick. She's especially fond of the little glass ciggy-rest balls on ashtrays. So I confined my sticky-uppy flowery-thingy from Target to the shower curtain. Yay for a new mattress, though! :)

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