Poolagirl - 2005-04-12 00:59:29
If the molester isn't going to be allowed to go anywhere alone OR hold down a job, why don't they just leave him in prison? What the hell is missing here?
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-04-12 08:15:33
Chemical Castration

Are there two sexier words in the English language?

How does that work anyway, do they drop your nutsack into a vat of boiling Hydrofluoric Acid?





OK, I'm a loser. I looked it up. Looks like they pump you full of estrogen and you turn into Star Jones or some other awful woman. This would obviously be effective as punishment because nobody wants to even be near Star Jones.
NoGoodDaddy - 2005-04-12 16:03:09
Pimp: Shouldn't we just ask Andy how it's done?

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