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If there is someone out there in the Internet who can explain to me the purpose and function of that entity known as "HR," call me now. Because I don't get it. I don't get why some pigs are more equal than others, why whiney little bitches are listened to and sucked up to and OH YOU POOR SWEET BABY, HOW CAN YOU STAND BEING SOOOO SENSITIVE AND LIVING IN THIS COLD, CRUEL WORLD??? I don't get why some people can be actually suffering and they don't matter and other people can be lazy-ass asses with their ass faces and they are protected and coddled but if you actually suck it up, you just get to suck more!!

Take one for the team! It all boils down to taking it up the ass!

People suck. Companies suck. But where people meet companies = HR and HR should die a fiery burning death with pain and death and melting flesh and then more pain. I. Hate. HR professionals.

Someone's getting a fecalgram soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

In a nutshell: If you are lazy, stop working. It'll be OK! You have HR to protect you and some idiot will do your work!

If you are bothered by this situation: shut the fuck up. Take one for the team.

In other news, my kittens just turned one year old. All growed. And they both came home nekkid the other day. Nekkid! No collar! Tonight someone returned one of their collars, recovered from a chain link fence or the slavering jaws of a rabid houndbeast.

Last night I either had an epileptic seizure or someone set off some fireworks. Or both.

Do men pluck their eyebrows? Or is it just on Bravo?

had. it. HADIT. Let me just say, shamefacedly, that I have actually had the thought, this very evening, what would it do to my monkey ifiwasfiredandilostmyjobandifellapartandcouldntfunctionandwhowouldtakecareofhim?

Anyone? Bueller?

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