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Not soon enough

You Will Die at Age 61


You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

What Age Will You Die?

It's helpful for planning purposes.

No hole in the new couch! Wooo hooo!

At lunch today I saw 6 women in the 40+ range leaving a restaurant together all wearing floral capri pants and pastel shirts. Two things: Capri pants are really pedal pushers and as such should only be worn by people who are a) very thin, or b) between the ages of 4 and 12. If you're under 4, your legs are too cute and chubby and you'll just be wearing high-waters. If you're over 12, dress your age. And two, (the a and b were sub-parts of one) don't dress alike. It's not cute or funny or wacky. It's ridonculous.

I'm having an anxiety attack due to the huge amount of work I have to do over the weekend. Oh, well. At least I have age 61 to look forward to. See that? Preposition, oh yeah.

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