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The Silence of the Grackles

I just finished playing a game that we call, around here, either "What's That Stench?" or "Where's the Corpse?"

A couple of days ago I came home and found a small pile of feathers in the front yard and a much larger pile in the living room. I have yet to find the owner of said feathers, however. (Bonus points: Who said "Luckily, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion.*?) Also, a couple of days ago I came upon a kitten in the living room, joyfully and gleefully flinging a dead snake in the air and pouncing on it. I didn't take the snake away because so much fun was being had. Later when I came back, no snake was to be found.

But just now I noticed a funkified quality to the air in the living room, so I set out to find some dead critter of some kind. I did clean out under my couch -- always a step in the right direction -- and found no corpses, just a lot of hair. The snake was found behind some other furniture and given a decent burial in the trash can. The birdhunt will continue when I'm not so tired.

Saru-san's sketchbook pages have inspired me to include a page of meeting doodles here.

*Foghorn Leghorn, of course!

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