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Is my head too small?

Oh, like I don't have enough whining of my own to worry about, now I have to worry about the popular people? The Pimp, who is, after all, the Pimp, is pining because he's not on someone's Favorites list? Oh, please. This is like hearing that the golden boy quarterback "only" scored 7 touchdowns. Or with 7 cheerleaders. Or something. I actually lost one of my spots on a favorites list and I don't know why! So Pimp, I don't think you should worry. OneWetLeg will certainly come around in time, and see the error of her ways. Because once she sees that enormous cranium of yours, she'll be hooked.

I don't think a single question can be considered a survey, but maybe it is simply a very narrow survey. Here's what I'd like to know:

Is pooping at work a problem for you?

Because ayred-out and I were having an argument a discussion about this, and he says that I am a freak because my answer to the above question is "yes." Not so much so that I would drive home, but all things being equal, I'd rather not engage in this activity. I think I'm right in the middle of the normal curve on this one. Plus, I don't have a rabid hatred of pants like some people do. I'm pretty sure the greggers unbuckles his belt before unlocking the front door.

So, disgruntled reader(s), I will be more interesting in exactly 19 days. I will no longer have as many "my bosses are tossers" stories. I will have more "they call my boss Captain Wacky for a reason" stories. I will have many more BadDog and BadCat stories. I may have some "my neighbor called the police because we were having sex too loud" stories. I can't wait.

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