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I guess a really good way to finally get some sleep is to have your bitchy, horrible, snotty boss-person-thing give you a metaphorical facial slap for being so bold as to ask "Am I doing my job correctly?" Because when you do that, your boss-person-thing gets all kinds of ghetto on your ass, you go home (stopping by the vodka store on the way), talk on your too expensive cell phone until it's burning hot, then cry for a long time. Then you can sleep. Bitch.

Apparently even ASKING for guidance is an insult in this country.

So this weekend I'm hitting the road with the monkey and we're going to look at some castles and some beach. It's actually probably going to be cheaper to stay two nights in a hotel than it would be to drive back home. Fuuuuuck.

There's no grammar at all in this entry. You just got ayred-out!

Seriously, I really did think that J Lo was doing campaign appearances for Kerry. It doesn't seem that far fetched. Oh no you di'n't!! Hah!

If I did have a grammar corner, it would probably be all about the subjunctive case.

I think the crapeteria guy here is a bit sweet on me. He always wears a necklace. Not really!! He has a necklace tatooed around his neck! And he has some (but not all) of his teeth! I am a weirdo magnet.

The office seckaterry is Muslim and is fasting all day this month for Ramadan (the holiday, not the hotel), so what does my other butt-head boss do? She doesn't either eat or drink all day, but he makes her make tea and coffee for his big cheese meeting. Arse.

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