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Now, THIS is flat

I've been told that yesterday's entry was a bit "flat." Jealous? Yeah, you know who you are.

I saw yet ANOTHER new reality show last night on ITV!! I don't know how they can keep pumping these things out! Their brains are more fertile than people who live in trailer parks!! This one involved a British couple who had moved to France, bought a castle (chateau), and were refurbishing it into a hotel. They've been there 7 months and the place was still a wreck. They were running out of cash. So they got a booking for a room, but the place was still only semi-remodeled. They hired extra people, went into more debt, worked around the clock, and managed to get the living room and one suite finished in time for their guests. Their take for that weekend? 300.

And I thought I was dumb.

I am going on day 3 of a monster headache and I get to drive on the wrong side of the car today.

I'm going to buy my US boss a pimp hat soon, because she's been treatin' me good. She don't be hittin me or nothin.

When I get home, I'm going to watch the Player Hater's Ball for 4 days straight. On my couch, snuggled up with Katy and the man.

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