hissandtell - 2006-07-26 23:11:28
When I was teaching Early Childhood kids we used to do those experiments with Coke where you drop all manner of (mostly organic) items into it - like teeth and chop bones and fingernails and coins and other wondrous thingies - and graph it all to monitor how quickly the objects took to dissolve. It never occurred to me to try it with a mobile phone, though. Love, R xxx
sparkspark - 2006-07-27 11:26:58
How is it that I've lived so long without "wine spodieodie"? I don't even care what's in it, I just love the name so much. (On second thought, I DO care what's in it--I suddenly thought of all the nauseating options that being indiscriminate can present.) But, still: One wine spodieodie, to go! XO Violet

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