Blanketman - 2006-07-20 10:37:49
Euro news for Twobaddogs. The wicked witch has left. Hurrah. I got married and made the mistake of inviting Pussboy. It went like this. Pussboy gets official invite for he and wife. Pussboy makes request of Blanketman and soon to be Mrs Blanket man if he can bring along his kids. We say only if someone from official list cant come and then invite them as some one drops out. Pussboy then anounces son can't come as he is off to africa. 1 week before nuptials Pussboy suddenly anounces that duaghter might not be comeing. Confirms that she is not one night of monday before wedding. The big day. Pussboy is late and makes a scene half way through the service in church. Pussboy leaves half way through reception before dinner and ask Hottechie boy to swap the place cards around to make it look if though they are not meant to be there. Hot techie boy refuses in disgust as pussboys excuse for leaving my very expensive per head wedding was that they had left their daughter alone in london and the were worried that she, in his words, might be shagging. I dont know what was going through my head when I invited him but it is reaally the final nail in the coffin for most people as he has shown himslf to be a complete cocksucking, arse phelching wanker of the highest order. Will post pics under seperate cover
Blanketman - 2006-07-20 10:40:26
P.S. He never said goodbye and never met my new wife. Wanker
sparkspark - 2006-07-20 11:49:27
What kind of pie? Will there be sharing? XO Violet
sparkspark - 2006-07-20 12:42:35
This just in: I went to use the photocopier, and there near it, on the communal table I call the Food Court, was a pie! Or, roughly half a pie--I'm assuming it's from you, because I do not usually see pie here. So, thanks! Next time, stop by my desk and say hello. XO Violet

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