sparkspark - 2006-07-05 13:45:40
Is it illegal for your dogs to pee on the wheels of a PT Cruiser? XO Violet
Wen - 2006-07-05 14:00:22
There's another erason why we call them PT Losers.
Andria - 2006-07-05 14:31:11
COBIPTC sounds a lot like my crazy plant-talking neighbor who names her pets after herself (she has two cats named Ann). I think sparkspark has an excellent point. I mean, dog pee can't kill a car, right?
Lauren - 2006-07-05 18:25:03
I think judiciously deposited dog poop would be in order here? Perhaps regularly left on COBIPTC's front porch?
biodtl - 2006-07-06 07:28:05
A woman after my own heart - just two days ago, I was talking about taking a dump of my own on a neighbor's lawn. I love it when I'm not the only one who says such things...
roonie - 2006-07-09 10:43:26
This entry is a staggering example of how helpful law enforecement can be. Which is surprising in your neck of the woods, where they're usually stabbing their common-law wives or running child porn rings. And I'd avoid taking a personal dump - COBIPTC seems like the kind of person who would have a personal CSI-style lab, JUST waiting to use it on your feces.
Frittata - 2006-07-13 02:06:56
What a jerkface. I vote for dumping turds on her lawn. Having said that, I'd probably fume and plan, but never do it.

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