Smed - 2006-05-16 23:57:25
Man, I would have just drank all the sangria myself...come to the cookout, stay for the harrowing, gripping intervention - Soprano's Style!
Violet - 2006-05-17 00:57:00
I feel like I should apologize for laughing out loud at your description of the barbecue. I guess "Intervene-B-Q" didn't fit on the invitations. Anyway, it sounds grueling and in some sense excellent, like I wish you'd had a tape recorder on you. But still: major props on the cupcakes. I raise my glass to your sifting efforts. (Literally. I'm on a drinking binge. Woo-hoo!) XO Vio
Blanketman - 2006-05-17 05:33:05
I understand this blog less and less. COnsidering we speak the same languauge (English) it is quite hard work. For instance, in Ohio yesterday i tried to get me a Hire Car. But the guy on reception looked at me as though i was some crazy Hobo. Took me about 5 minutes of explaining before i reliesed that what i really wanted was a rental.
Poolagirl - 2006-05-17 10:22:35
You have inspired me to create a new party "drink." How about "jelled" Paxil shooters? I know some people who would do well with something like that.

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