Poolagirl - 2006-03-08 17:31:36
Welcome back! I have kept a light burning in the window for you!
Young Hershel - 2006-03-08 22:25:35
I can confirm that I was drunk when I staggered out to holler at Katy. Good dog, Katy! Barking at the drunk next-door neighbors!
Blanket Man - 2006-03-10 02:44:17
After 18 years return to life.
Here's some good news. The wicked witch has resigned but isnt going until July. However puss boy has had enough and now, after all this time has realised what a prat she is. So he is going to fire her or whatever you do if someone has resigned and you dont want the there anymore.
Puss boy will piss his pants if captain whacky flies of.

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