TickTrix - 2005-10-31 23:29:08
"pirate cat" ... hahahaha, thanks, I needed that!
Andria - 2005-10-31 23:38:08
I laughed at 'pirate cat' too. Tres funny. There are two people at my office who had this affair a while ago that I know about (both were either married or in a committed relationship at the time), and every time I see them I want to smack both of them. Mostly just because I know how totally sleazy the guy is. But she's a giant skankwhore, so I guess it worked out nicely for the both of them. What is my point here, then? I have no idea.

Carry on.
Balnketman - 2005-11-02 03:42:59
What I want to know is who let the cat out of the bag? Is she really a skankwhore or just the sad lonely victim in all this looking for love?
We never have that much controversy in eduMart Europe. ALthough puss boy did tell me at lunch in the canteen the other day that someone came on his face the other night.

How pleasent.

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