mom-on-roof - 2005-08-25 04:39:44
Heh, heh, heh, nekked cat...
PetMart Security - 2005-08-25 08:36:06
I think we need to have a little talk about your "purchase", Miss Superior.
GoingLoopy - 2005-08-25 10:37:30
Home improvement projects suck. Could you pay the monkey to do some of the clearing and repaving part?
Lorac - 2005-08-25 15:49:35
Hey TBD, I read your diary often and admire it/you. I also live in San Antonio and can totally relate to some of the stuff you talk about. Currently I work as a Tech Pubs Editor at...well, never mind...but I desperately need an out. Would you please contact me directly and tell me where you work, whether there are opportunities there, and what the benefits might be (i.e., is the pay OK on the miserable San Antonio scale; benefits for my monkeys (2 of them)and me; is the company real; etc.)? Yes, I do read your diary and while I realize you rant a lot about your job, these things/people happen everywhere, but could it really be a decent way to make a living? I appreciate any feedback you might be able to give me. Thanks. A fan, Lorac (not my real name, obviously!)

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