Andy - 2005-07-20 13:28:58
"...Recently I have been having bizarrely vivid and realistic dreams."

It's probably the medication.

Dont confuse Prolife with a person's right to bear arms, protect thier home and familly. And yea, I wont let your mom abort you, but does that mean I got foot the billfor you welfare for the rest of your life? Um , and much to many conservatives ire, Bush supported Affirmative action. Christ, Pick on bush for the right reasons.

biodtl - 2005-07-20 14:14:18
What in God's name is a sugar glider? Oh, never mind, I looked them up and Eeek! As for Andy, just because Dumbya has earned conservative ire doesn't mean Dems should embrace him. Aff Action is the last thing from my mind when I'm worrying about bullshit wars and social security and governmental leaks and a president who CANNOT SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!! And just in case he's a good friend of yours, I'll refrain from calling him a pussy for leaving a negative comment without an email or address.
Andy - 2005-07-20 14:18:23
First off biodtl you want to e-mail me? Fine. It's Privatecafe@hotmail. Feel free to swing by D-land Blog too; Rickscafe@Diaryland.com. Ok Fuckhead? No mood for idoits today.
twobaddogs - 2005-07-20 14:51:54
Why can't we all just get along? My view is that if you control the actions of people in their personal lives, you DO become responsible for some of the results of those actions. I didn't lump these issues together -- that's how the party platform lumps them. I'm just reacting to the lump, to the self-identified important issues. I didn't mention affirmative action because, well, it doesn't fall into the category of contradictions that I don't understand about those on the right.
biodtl - 2005-07-20 15:04:09
First off, your comment to me cracked me up. Second, I have to apologize. I shouldn't have name-called in your comments, but I have to be honest, it IS frustrating to get the anonymous negative remark. I didn't realize until now that it was a fave of yours. So, I apologize for "pussy" but nothing else. Love, the fuckhead idiot.
darcy - 2005-07-20 19:38:24
I am so glad I found you and biodtl. Voices of reason among the bible thumpers!!
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-07-21 09:27:56
This is what is beautiful about D-Land. You are one of my favorites and yet I score a negative 80% on your annoyances chart.

1)I voted for W. Do I love him? Absolutely not. But I think that Democrats need to understand that not everyone in the country loves voting for someone as liberal as the Kerry/Edwards pairing. If they would have put up a candidate that was even slightly closer to moderate, I could have potentially been swayed toward the Democrats, but I just couldn't vote for Kerry. Don't blame all Republicans for W, when the Democrats made a huge mistake in putting Kerry on the ticket. At least give me a better option, not the polar opposite.


3 & 4)I think French pedicures and capris are actually cute on some women.

5)I drive an SUV and I can't understand why people hate them so much. Just because we don't want to drive with our asses riding on the ground and have a little room in the back to store some stuff without having to put it on the roof when we go to the Depot does not make us the devil. We're the ones paying ridiculous amounts of money to fill our tanks and insure our SUVs. Why does this drive everyone so insane? I didn't see everyone getting this upset over the poor gas mileage of the A-Team's van back in the 80's.
Blanket Man - 2005-07-21 11:18:18
Were haveing another session of bombs right as I type this. Also England are 19 / 4 after bowling the Aussies out for 190.
So theres a lot of Fuckheads about
xquzme - 2005-07-21 13:52:36
I love how polite everyone is on line, in spite of our collective differences of opinion. Pink shirts, Bush, PBR versus Miller Lite, gas guzzlers or hybrids, everyone is just so darned nice. Now. How can we pass on this niceness to those shitheads in England...

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