Andy - 2005-06-09 13:28:31
Dearest Diary: Today I killed a hotel clerk with a plastic fork just to watch him die. I had pie for supper.

I'm feeling much better now.

Hugs & Kisses,

biodtl - 2005-06-09 14:08:13
The fact that you haven't killed anyone yet is proof that you are a better person than I. I was getting all riled up just reading about it!
saru-san - 2005-06-09 14:59:42
I agree. I would have definitely been in kill mode in your situation. In fact, just reading about your situation has put me into kill mode. Must... find... victim... aaaaaaaarrrrrggggh!!!
Wombat - 2005-06-09 17:04:21
I have found in situations like this that the best strategy is to ballistic, and I mean true ICBM ballistic in the lobby, in front of EVERYONE and demand to see a manager. Suprisingly, degrading and berating the management usually gets me either a) a better room, or b) a free stay.
Andy - 2005-06-10 16:10:23
Quietly, politely and very sternly lean over and whisper in the clerks ear so no one else can listen and say

"I think you better call the police. Because if we don't get this resolved to my satisfaction very shorty, there will be a problem. A big prolem. Do you understand?"

Stand back. Smile. And then ask the clerk again very nicely and polietley so every one around can see you're not a lunitic and haven't caused a scene, ask the clerk "Isn't there something you can do?"
Blanket Man - 2005-06-14 05:04:58

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