Poolagirl - 2005-06-06 17:29:53
Too chocolately? How is that possible?
GoingLoopy - 2005-06-06 17:54:31
Yeah, I didn't think those words belonged together either. So here's what you do...when the vanilla sets to the appropriate consistency, mix with the chocolate. Or just dump the shit in a blender with some Kahlua and have yourself a tasty mudslide...
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-06-07 09:01:04
Great. It's 9:00 AM and I'm all sorts of stahvin' for ice cream.
biodtl - 2005-06-07 09:23:28
Ha! Beer dumping guy would have made my night. I would have been so sad I didn't have a camera to capture it and enjoy it for years to come. I had a friend in college would hold his beer in the hand that he wore his watch on. We'd ask him what time it was and , well, you can figure the rest. He never learned and it never stopped being funny.
Andy - 2005-06-07 09:28:54
Over the Rio Grande?

No. I'll never be over the Rio Grande...
Blanket Man - 2005-06-07 10:27:43
Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Danny Glover, Diane Lane, Robert Urich, Frederic Forrest, D.B. Sweeney, Rick Schroder, Anjelica Huston Man we had the "Lonsome Dove" Over here. It was on when I was out windsurfing so my mum used to video it for me everyweek. An guess what. She recorded something else instead of the last episode. Never got to see it. But now you have reminded me i have found it on Amazon. It means a trip to the dark side but it will be worth it. "Here's to the sunny slopes of long ago. "
andria - 2005-06-07 13:40:45
I would love to make fun of the white trashies at the show, but, unfortunately, they sound like every member of my family. YAY for genetics!

Now I want ice cream.

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