BigPimpinMBA - 2005-05-19 09:29:15
If the REM were from the album Monster and on, then your comments are forgiveable, but if you were seeing REM Pre-Monster, that is just insane. Unless you were talking about the fact that your companion showed up covered in hickeys... That sucks.

I think I'm going to stop typing before I hurt myself.
Dangerspouse - 2005-05-19 09:42:20
BigPimpin doesn't know what the hell he's taking about, as usual. Everything you wrote is TRUTH writ large, Monster OR pre-Monster. Oh, and the hickey thing? They may have just been Stress Hives. I used to get them when I broke up with chicks too. And I hear ya on the Great Letterman Sportcoat Debacle. Good luck doin' him on your terms.

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