Andria - 2005-05-15 23:42:48
Queer Eye for the Straight Girl is lame. I only had to see one episode to know I hated all of the people on that show (I love love love Tom and Ted). And... Hunny Labrador? What the hell kind of stripper name is that? Oh, and Episode III and all of the hype around it can bite me. When they start making prequels to Sixteen Candles or Caddyshack, then I'll get excited. Jesus, I really didn't intend for this comment to be this long. Forgive me. :)
Wen - 2005-05-16 00:12:04
Q.E. for the straight girl IS lame. Robbie (the asshat responsible for "the look" of the girls) lives in my building. (He found the place after they queer-eyed my neighbor) You can read about my first meeting with him HERE. Anyway, the show is SO lame that it's been cancelled. Ha Ha!

And yes, way tired of the hype of Episode III. Star Wars. Whatever.
Blanket man - 2005-05-17 07:44:52
Ha we have the ultimate in bad reality TV. "Celebrity Love Island". Starring some blokes, who i dont know, and some birds who I do. What a selection. Abbie Titmus (angel in the court room, whore in the bed room), Rebecca Loos (she's the one that banged David Beckam), Lady Isabella Hervy (Posh Totty), Jayne Middlemass (Geordie Lass) and a couple of other ex soap stars with legs about 3 miles long.
Apparently Abbie is trying to seduce Rebecca. Sounds like great TV to me.

On the other channel we have the farm. Staring amongst others Ron Jeremy, Cicciolina, Lucy Ewing (Charlene) and the geezer from Public Enemy with the clock. Weird.

Not so funny is todays announcment that Kylie has breast cancer.

We all work with Cocksucking Pussbags. Latest is i will be sacked because of the biggets witch of all. Well see.

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