BigPimpinMBA - 2005-05-13 15:13:46
I wish it was my birthday you were planning. I love strippers and 8-Ball.
Chad - 2005-05-13 15:49:22
Congrats on the money, and also on narrowly avoiding prison for spraying co-worker guts all over the office.
hissandtell - 2005-05-13 20:59:15
Someone told me the other day that, with stress leave as rife as it is now, the Public Service here has cleverly covered itself against compensation claims. Where once we were just told, "Take it easy, be kind to yourself and each other - off you go, dear," it now appears that if your superior asks you, "Are you coping alright?" and you bravely say, "Oh, I'm a bit depressed/stressed/sad/sexually frustrated, but I'll be okay" they'll document that as evidence that, when your breakdown happens, your stress is not work-related and they've done everything required of a compassoinate employer - thus saving themselves millions in litigation. Love, R xxx
hissagain - 2005-05-13 21:01:00
CompassIOnate, darn it.
Cookie KB - 2005-05-13 21:41:19
Why is it this scenario never plays out in our favor? I hate when the lazy-ass jerk in the department gets away with their lazy-ass self over and over again. People complain, but no one wants to listen because it's not convenient. Then you (in this case, me) complain because it's come to your doorstep, and you (in this case, me) get disciplined, not for exposing someone else's obvious inadequacies, but for hurting the lazy-ass jerk's feelings and damaging their lazy-ass reputation. Why are jobs necessary in this world? Won't someone pay me just for being me?
Fergie - 2005-05-14 04:42:42
Holy shit-! Your superpowers include spitting blood from your eyes? My most notable skill is the ability to find a mall from any geographical location in the world. Like, I totally got ripped off

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