Bonsai Brit - 2005-05-10 00:14:39
Yay for Eddie Izzard! And I'm gonna build me a bar in my lounge. Niiiice.
Saru-San - 2005-05-10 00:15:00
Once, at a company Christm... excuse me, Holiday... party, I decided I needed to sit off by myself for a while, but everywhere I went somebody came along. (Like Mary and those goddamned little lambs! In which I play the part of Mary. As usual.) Anyway... in order to escape everyone, I decided that if I just lowered the seat on one of the toilets, I could rest my eyes in one of the bathroom stalls for a while. Because even Marys have rules about toilet interruptus.

Long and short: Two hours later, at 2 a.m., I stumbled past the cleaning people (who were the only ones left) as they unlocked the door of the country club so I could leave.

Wait. Lame story. Sorry, my head is throbbing.
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-05-10 08:58:18
Isn't great falling asleep on the shitter? Then, when you try to stand up, you look like a baby fawn trying to walk for the first time, with your legs all wobbly?
Andy - 2005-05-10 09:27:45
I don't have a Jesus Fish on my car. I have a Jimmy Buffett Shark. Which, of course, means I'm a friendly, happy go lucky driver, whith bad taste in music, and I'm drunk.

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