Greg - 2005-04-26 15:40:36
Can you honestly say you like the see through sand/toilet paper you keep purchasing in order to save a quarter?
NoGoodDaddy - 2005-04-26 15:42:54
I also have little brand loyalty. I'm a whore and like it.
The empty police crusier is an odd thing. Saw one up here in NJ a few weeks ago. I just assumed the cop was jerking off in the woods.
twobaddogs - 2005-04-26 16:08:36
I can honestly say that my ass isn't sensitive enough to know the difference. It's exfoliating. It saves me from having to do anal bleaching.
Blanket Man - 2005-04-27 11:04:13
RE yesterdays comment: With my now longer and more seadog like beard I think it may be Hardcore Porn industry. I am the bearded man
You must still be mad with the Wicked Witch. On that point i have news.
Andy - 2005-04-27 11:20:38
I rememeber some store putting uniformed manquins on their roofs to help deter evil doers.

I also remeber getting into trouble, trying to get on said roofs to put capes on the maniquins.Stupid mall security

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