NoGoodDaddy - 2005-04-20 11:23:58
BooHa. I love it.
Here's one I often say: How old are you when you're six?
Greg - 2005-04-20 11:29:57
I still regret not buying that Cricket bat. I'll never get to relive that scene from Sean of the Dead.
BlanketMan - 2005-04-20 11:50:59
Greg, as a member of the more cultural and sporty arm of the family I will bring my cricket bat with me when I next visit PubMart.
In payment proper cocktails and pissups after work with real people and not weird techies who think the Guinness that gets served in liberty bar is like the real thing!
Hang on. I guess it is more real than the watery crap they gave me in the Irish pub on the river walk.
The signs in Harrods are grammatically correct if you are an Arab Grocer. You might have to be a pommie bastard to understand that one
BlanketMan - 2005-04-20 11:56:42
Bugger. Forgot I'm not allowed out at the moment and the Wicked Witch of the west has me earmarked for being turned into a frog.
twobaddogs - 2005-04-20 12:17:26
BlankyMan, it's a deal. Proper cocktails and pissups are forthcoming. We will test any Guinness we come across until we find some that is not watery. Don't worry about the witch. I've arranged to have some water "spilled" on her and she should be melting soon. I got an e-mail (Rather terse) from her flying monkey.
Andy - 2005-04-20 12:18:23
Harrrods sounds like the ultimate tourist trap. No? polo mallets? Am I to belive that the majority of the people in downtown Lodon play polo, and that they buy thier mallets at Harrods?

I have mine custom made.
Greg - 2005-04-20 12:30:10
You've got a deal BlanketMan, if we can't find a proper Guinness we'll just give you more tequila.

Oh, on this side of the pond we call them Korean Grocers.
Amy - 2005-04-20 13:07:06
I have said my share of stupid things. Once, I was telling my brother that I prefered going one way to work as oopposed to another way because the preferred way was 30 minutes long whereas the other way was a half hour. Yeah.

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