BigPimpinMBA - 2005-04-01 08:01:36
I think you must have been a dog in a previous life. I felt so much like I was KDHD, that I was drooling a lil bit and was leaning over to lick my crotch without much success.

Who's turning into a little naughty girl lately.... Strip clubs... Tucking money into cleavage and enjoying it. Meeee-ow.
Blanket Man - 2005-04-01 10:25:38
So. I was right not to come out on those final leaving drinks. I can get into enough trouble on my own. I have now spurned alcohol in favour of my Olympic campaign. You do have a knack of making being riotously drunk quite sexy though. Hmmm.
Problem is we don’t have no strip clubs in this old Uni town as it would put the dons of there ponderings. Went to a good one in Sydney though. And when the very gorgeous girl offered me a private dance for only $80 (Australian) I accidentally replied “no thanks, $5 dollars for a taxi and I can be in bed with my naked girlfriend” Oh well.
twobaddogs - 2005-04-01 10:40:01
No, BlanketMan, you were wrong to spurn the final leaving drinks. Were the final ones when I broke my nose or were those the penultimate ones? Even in Australian dollars, $80 sounds steep. You know, if you were, say, HERE instead of in the Uni town, charming though it is, it would cost you a mere 10 pounds to buy ME a lap dance. I'm just sayin'.

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