Poolagirl - 2005-03-07 12:32:47
I agree with you. That teacher making his kids read that blog is just WRONG! I read part of it - fruit of his loins bullshit. That is so NOT right!
Gumphood - 2005-03-07 13:10:45
Wait. The entry I was looking at was a bout sex and pizza. Now thats some jail time if you ask me. Read my blog for a grade?! I'm sorry but thats gay.
Wombat - 2005-03-07 16:08:26
Holy shit!

No tenth grader should be forced to shit thriugh that shit! This teacher is obviously an englidh teacher who always thoguth he was going to write the great american novel. Ask the student, I'll bet $25.00 I'm right...
Wombat - 2005-03-07 16:10:39
That should have been "sit through that shit" but I was so completely tangled in the usless array of superfluous vocabulary from Michael's blog that I could not type....
Becky - 2005-03-08 07:42:26
white russians are goooooooood. i do also like the black variety. cant believe that teacher is making those kids read his shit for a grade. can they not complain to the head teacher or something? damn!
BigPimpinMBA - 2005-03-08 10:44:43
Why did you use gasoline to burn an image of Thor's hammer on your neighbor's lawn? Seriously, that is hysterical. You've really gone quite insane now that you're back in Texas, haven't you?
Cookie KB - 2005-03-08 23:28:41
Holy Shit! I just followed the link to the blog you mentioned. I'm 99.999% positive I know this guy! Double Shit!
twobaddogs - 2005-03-09 10:55:48
Cookie! I think I should talk to the superintendent about this. What think you? If it were good writing, that would be a different thing completely...

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