Andy - 2005-02-11 09:49:17
I am sure your dogs will remember you. Dogs are known for thier memory. I once read that dogs can remember things for 20 years! Can you belive that? 20 years!

Oh wait, that's elephants. Nevermind. Your dogs have forgotten all about you and have run off with the first person who smelled like cheesburgers. Sorry.
Cookie KB - 2005-02-11 16:30:46
"Let's not forget my dirty knickers"??? What the hell kinda comeback is that? Let's not forget my big dirty bitch, more like it! I'm rounding up lots of crude Texans to fly over there and kick her ass.
Cookie KB - 2005-02-11 23:41:59
Sorry... I guess that wasn't a very good comeback either. I just got carried away with the dirty knickers.
twobaddogs - 2005-02-12 08:34:00
Oh, Cookie, it's the thought that counts. I'm going to complain to her boss about her bitchiness next week. By then maybe I'll have a clever quip handy. And forgotten it.

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