Andy - 2004-12-17 09:50:45
Rip off! Cheat! Boo! Hiss! More detail of the girl on girl action! You just can't mention that without very explicit details! It's got to be more like:

As her silken fingers carress and dance across my delicate, erect nipples, I knew I wanted her...she wanted me. Our tounges met in a furious dance of passion as I felt her warm hands playing about my leather panties...."

If it makes you feel better my wife got her bonus in the mail yesterday. a $5 gift card to Block buster.
GoingLoopy - 2004-12-17 09:54:04
This is the first year my Christmas bonus HASN'T been some bullshit like that. I suppose it beats a sharp stick in the eye, but not by much. And clearly, Andy hasn't been watching enough porn, or something. That shit's free all over the internet, dude. Why don't I get invited to weddings like that? My friends are lame. I need new friends.
Greg - 2004-12-18 02:54:39
I still don't where I went wrong!!
Cookie KB - 2004-12-20 09:40:07
Ah, the memories, the love, the girl on girl adventure...

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