GoingLoopy - 2004-12-07 09:24:22
...I used to make New Year's resolutions like that. Then I got tired of feeling all lame and inadequate, and starting making ones like "get laid" and "eat chocolate" and "smoke a pack a day." Now I feel much better. ;)
Andy - 2004-12-07 09:30:39
If someone went out of thier way to tell me to "fuck off" I'd take it as a compliment. You must have made some impression.
bartlebee - 2004-12-07 10:12:31
Is the position of "cabana boy" still open? I have my own tools. I *am* a tool.
bartlebeeagain - 2004-12-08 09:14:47
o yeah, since you din't want to do further research, Kris Kristofferson (nee Jeremy Lowenstein) has been in all the Blade films. But you knew that and I'm an asshole who corrects people but hates being corrected. www.polismediagroup.com/tiki/

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