adam - 2004-10-20 01:15:56
if I wasn't hopped up on goat cheese and cherry coke, I would be writing a spectacularly funny comment where KK leaves it to me "to intuit" and then I write something along the lines of "blah blah blah whale blubber blah blah nanook...". you see, I inuit it instead. I thought it was funny. go to hell. [adult swim]
adam - 2004-10-20 01:48:15
flick the v's hawking hands exercises exercises give your finger exercises http://youthofbritain.com/webxercise/
barb - 2004-10-20 15:25:33
Ride the train instead. It takes about an hour and a half to get to London. You'll end up at Victoria Station, and then you might take a taxi from there. Bus is just slightly cheaper than the train, by the way. XXXOOO
twobaddogs - 2004-10-21 07:36:28
Good advice!! Came too late!! Next time, I will take the bus.
twobaddogs - 2004-10-22 04:26:11
I meant train. D-oh.

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