hairburner - 2004-11-20 08:34:35
I have a similar Dell story. In March, while I was shooting a movie in Austin I ordered a laptop from Dell. It took two weeks to travel the 15 miles down the I-35. When it got to my hotel I noticed that they had very kindly installed a DVD player instead of a CDRW, which is nice for watching movies, but hell for pulling anything off the computer.

After 4 different hourlong phone calls to their "help" center I finally got them to send me a CDR to install. Unfortunately, by that time I was back in LA. Thankfully the people at the hotel were nice and sent me the CDR, rather than stealing it.

When I opened the writer I noticed that it was "refurbished" and not new. After 3 more irate phone calls to India I just gave up. Dell's "customer service" blows.

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