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Maybe they'll fix the glitch.

Well, Internet, strange things are indeed afoot at the Circle K. It’s the end of a way of life for me. The Captain has left the building. Captain Wacky, my supervisor in some shape or form for the seven years I’ve worked at EduMart, is no longer in the employ of EduMart. I mean, they’re still paying her, but she doesn’t have to come to work anymore. She now serves the eccentric millionaire, the one who actually has used the word “edutainment” without a shred of irony.

This has many implications. The one that no one but me cares about is that my supervisor is leaving, but our crack (-headed) HR department hasn’t seen fit to a) tell me who my new supervisor is, b) ask me what it is I would say I actually do here, c) ask me about my thoughts and feelings. So I am going to just ride with that. I’m going to wait and see just how long it takes for someone to realize that I don’t have a supervisor and don’t turn in timesheets anymore. I will guess it will be about a week and a half before someone figures it out. By then I will be prepared to act with righteous indignation – we have these “corporate values” posters all over the place that claim that we “value our people.” Does this course of action say “We think highly of you”? Just call me Milton.

Employment turmoil has been the theme of the month. I don’t like uncertainty at all, and I am deeply mired in it. I kind of want to be fired for the severance package, but EduMart owes me a bonus for inventing something patentable, and I don’t know if they have to pay me the bonus if I beg to be fired. I kind of have another job lined up, but it’s all still very nebulous and hazy. I don’t want to ask anyone if they have to pay the bonus if they fire me until I have the other job sewn up, because then they’ll figure out some loophole that will result in me owing them money… Oy.

So tomorrow there’s a little tea and crumpets party for the Cap’n to say goodbye to a select few, and unfortunately, one of those that she has invited is the infamous Fat Bastard who adopted then abused and neglected my little Trudy, then didn’t lift a finger to help me find her a new home. So he is DEAD to me. And he’s recently all full of himself because he’s engaged. And at first I was all “Eeeew,” because, who’d marry that loser? And then I found out the following pieces of information: they met online, he met her parents after they’d known each other for three weeks, he is always telling anyone who’ll listen (and even people who won’t) that they share the same deeply Catholic values, and… wait for it… she’s pregnant. They’ve known each other for all of two months. So all of that makes me cackle with glee. Wanker.

So that’s my story. In other news, it has been cool enough to make the two bad dogs even more goofy than normal.

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