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Jury doody, job search, boobs.

What I did today to make sure no child would be left behind: I “designed” mugs. That is, I wrote the words that would be printed on the mugs and placed some of them in boxes and made some of the words ALL CAPITALS so even children who had inadvertently been left behind would know that something written there was important. I am so happy I have a job that allows me to use my impressive mug-design skills that I gained through my mug design courses in college.

Also today: Skipped jury duty because I couldn’t find the damn summons with the address of the courthouse on it. Because when you do jury duty, you don’t go to the building that says COURTHOUSE on the outside, you go to some other building whose name I don’t remember. I did remember that I was to go to the basement of some building downtown, but it seemed like a long-shot to just head downtown and hope to find the right basement. So I stayed home to sweep up huge mounds of dog hair, then went to work because I’m a loser who has a hard time staying home (I’m pretty sure I’ll be fired every time I take a vacation day). When I got to work, I found my jury summons. It says that to serve on a jury I should be of sound mind and good moral character, but I thought I should show up anyway. So now I have to reschedule again.

I had an all-day job interview on Friday which was interesting in the same way that people say, “This tastes interesting” or “That’s an interesting dress.” Because this place is a very young company and their office space is a bit cramped and elderly, plus they pretty much said they really wanted to hire me but I would have to take a pay cut. Hmmmmm. Deal or no deal? On the plus side: work from home. Minus side: pay back tuition to current employer from reduced salary. If EduMart would just pull its head out of its butt, it would save me a lot of time, effort, and special resume paper.

So I got home from Nashville late Friday night, but not too late to go see Jesse Dayton play. We bought a CD! We dragged a friend I shall call Ritalin out of bed to come along! She had fun! She bought a CD! We talked to Jesse for a few moments, he signed our CDs, then I signed Ritalin’s and my boobs (hers said XO and mine was a smiley face) because we wanted our boobs signed but didn’t want to scare the poor man. Then the greggers bought me an oil painting (it may be acrylic, but still…) from the bar because it looks like Katy! Then Saturday we went to Ritalin’s house for a party but we were still tired from Friday because we are old.

End of random recap.

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