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The lame, the bad, and the ugly.

There's nothing more fun that a good feud with the neighbors, except that I like my neighbors. So I'm starting a Battle of the Ugly Lawn Ornaments by placing this
on YoungNeighbor and Curly Sue's front lawn. No mere shot across the bow to begin this battle. A direct hit.

I would tell fun stories about what we did this weekend, but I don't have any. We had planned to go to a Fiesta event with Cookie and HandsomeHusband, but she accidentally double-booked us against a dance team performance and we lost. We meant to go anyway, but got sucked into watching spoiled, awful children pout on My Super Sweet Sixteen, then watching well-behaved children being beaten by step-parents on PrimeTime. Then I fell asleep. Yesterday we went to Sam's to buy pig ears and I ended up buying new tires, shorts, huge amounts of stuff I don't need, and pig ears. Then I accidentally drank a whole bottle of wine.

My friend Steph has requested more LaZBoy poetry, and since she's so in with the Pope 'n' shit, I better come through. There is a poem contained in this image -- ButterBean helped me crack the code. I started by thinking he had just written the alphabet over and over again, but if you look for it, you will find a bad poem in here, too.

Think of it as like really crappy Sudoku.

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