There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Time for some deep, cleansing breaths.

I'm having some sort of stress withdrawal because I have just spent weeks preparing a lot of words for other people to look at, pick over, scoff at, and poke. The words are now with an editor, who is doing the preliminary looking at, picking over, scoffing at, and poking and all I can do is wait for my words to come back to me. Then there will be a scramble to make lots of copies, then the client will scrutinize these words, tell me which ones are good and which ones just don't sing and must be changed, and which ones I should never be allowed to use again. That will take three days. So now I'm just waiting, doo dee dooo, and should be doing homework, but who can concentrate with all of the waiting?

Junebug seems to be feeling better -- he purred for quite some time this morning and seems to have taken time out to bathe himself, as the spikiness is gone. He still occasionally falls over, but not as often. His tail is now used primarily as a counterweight, so it's always cocked over to the right side.

One of my favorite co-workers resigned today, which made me snif. I hardly ever have anything to say about him because HELLO he's not annoying, and while he's somewhat odd, it's all in a good way, like he wears bow ties and sweater vests and practices Flying Spaghetti Monsterism and has absolutely NO sense of irony, and now he'll be gone in two weeks, unless he gets escorted from the building earlier, which he probably won't. He's off to greener pastures and will be working from home, which in my case would turn into a lot of napping and One Life to Live, but he's all conscientious and moral and shit, so he'll actually do work. I think one of his main motivations in leaving is to get away from CrazyWheelChairLady and her flying monkey.

Do you know how incredibly, crusty, old I am? I remember when Judith Light was on OLTL (see above) and she was fat, then she disappeared for a while, then she was Angela, then she was a float in the Quahog parade. Her character, Karen, was accused of being a bad stepmother because she gave the kid cereal for dinner. HA! Oh, the useless information I keep in my walnut.

Another ADHD segue: It is pecan season and there are pecans just EVERYwhere, and my dogs lurve pecans and bring them in the house, one at a time, then crack them open and eat the nut, leaving the jaggedy-edged shells lying all over the dark floor and rug, where they lurk and wait until I am barefooted. So it's probably not a good idea to eat pecan pie at my house, because my nutcrackers are Katy and Buster.

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