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Disgusting stump pictures herein

So, because I'm weird, I was just looking at my stats and noticed that I had a reader from Brooks Air Force Base which is right here in sunny San Antonio, and so if you're at Brooks, don't tell my ex-husband about this blog, OK? Deal.

I had to have a picture taken today by a professional photographer because a mini-interview with me is being featured in our in-house organ this month. Ha ha ha!! I said organ! I hate having my picture taken so it was 45 minutes of hellish hell while I tilted my head 2 degrees to the left and looked almost but not quite at the camera. Hating to have your picture taken is a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing because the more you hate it, the worse your pictures are, and the more certain you are that you're a mis-shapen cretin who should walk around telling people that you're not an animal, you're a human being. So that was fun.

You know how people decorate their houses and yards in October for Halloween with scarecrow-type men sitting on bales of hay? That stuff freaks my dog's shit OUT! She growls and barks and just generally makes a complete arse of herself every time we walk past a house with a scarecrow. I'm pretty sure that other people who walk dogs turn around and run the other way when they see us coming because we're all so dysfunctional.

GROSS-OUT ALERT!! Pictures of Junebug's stump follow:

Here's his poor shaved tail:

And then, on another tangent, did anyone else notice this at all?

I've never actually seen them together...

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