There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


I tell a bit about nothing.

I just wandered around my house yelling "I'm home alone! I'm home alone!" in celebration of being home alone. Katy looked at me like I was going to go on a dog-murder spree and ran outside to save herself, leaving her companion to fend for himself.

We found a new taco restaurant this weekend, which, in San Antonio, seems like it should be as easy as finding dog hair in my refrigerator, but many such restaurants aren't good. This one has all kinds of home made Tex Mex stuff, like barbacoa (Spanish for head meat) and lengua (tongue) and carne asada (meat in the style of asada). They also make a really nice queso. SOMEONE left the container of queso unguarded on the coffee table and Buster discovered that he has quite a craving for melted cheese, and he ate the whole thing. He didn't even need any chips. Just lapped it all up. Like woman, like dog.

In a separate incident, I left a BRAND NEW block of frying cheese (Go to Sam's!) sitting a bit too close to the edge of the kitchen counter, so Katy took it out into the driveway and starting snarfing it as fast as she could. I discovered her larceny immediately, but she still managed to eat about half of it. These are dogs who have food in their dish all day, every day. They never have to wait to eat. Free choice. But it's not cheese, it's dog food, so I guess you just have to turn to a life of crime to get the good stuff.

Tomorrow I'm taking them to Barking Camp for the very first time -- the boarding kennel. On the way there, I am going to lecture them strictly about how if they would just stop stealing my damn cheese, they wouldn't have to go to the kennel. They could stay home by themselves if I could trust them, but I can't. So it's their own damn fault.

Labor Day weekend resulted in almost no labor on my part. I can't remember the last time I was such a sloth (but I have a very spotty memory -- it was probably in late August) and accomplished so little. I did discover a few new things:

Add a splash of cranberry juice to a margarita if you enjoy things that are delcious.
The waitresses at the 5050 just keep getting worse at their job.
There's a new bar up the street.


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