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Itchy and cranky.

Whatís more important to write about: world events or a yeast infection? Current affairs or cooter fungus? The stuff of drama and tragedy or the fermentation in my innards?

So if someone would just explain to me how people evolved with this organ that is always moist and in the dark but gets thrown off its game by moisture and darkness, Iíd appreciate it. When I was in college, there was this militant feminist group of medical students that put posters up everywhere about the care and maintenance of the female body (Examine Your Breasts!), and one of those posters included the recommendation that as often as possible, one should expose oneís vagina to fresh air and sunshine. Thatís not really an option for me, as I am not a contortionist and my neighbors might not welcome such a sight. Plus, the mosquito bites! The sunburn!

Itís been impossible to watch the Israeli police and army remove settlers from Gaza without making comparisons to our own soldiers doing their jobs in Iraq. When you see the protestors, arms locked together, facing the soldiers, you see confusion and anger, but you donít see hate. Their faces Ė on both sides Ė are heartbreaking because they show such deep sorrow, but you canít imagine any one of them taking out a gun and shooting his opponent, because someone who did that might be shooting his own brother.

Itís hard for me to sympathize much with the settlersí point of view, because the Palestinians have needed a homeland for so long, but these settlers are (for the most part) demonstrating such grace and commitment. A commitment their opponents, the soldiers and police officers, understand and respect. Because I am a liberal, my heart bleeds for both sides.

On that same side of the world are American soldiers, young men and women who are in a country they donít understand doing a job no one can explain. They want peace, they want to go home, they toppled Saddam and there are no WMDs. Their faces show sorrow, but it is under a thick layer of fear and confusion. They are under-supplied and stretched thin. The military has ďrulesĒ for how long a soldier can stay deployed under such conditions, but they also have ways to circumvent those rules. They send people straight from Iraq to Korea for just long enough, then send them back into combat. Itís so far past time for them to come home.

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