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My brain hurts.

So, the blogging has been challenging lately due to the unpleasant and completely odious amount of time that my damn job has demanded of late. I have been blah-ging instead of blogging. Between La-Z-Boy and my new colleague, Box of Rocks, I have been buried under a mound of shit that I have tried to turn into something at least mediocre, but as Aristotle said, you canít polish a turd.

Sunday I spent twelve and a half hours in planes and airports, one of my least favorite activities in the world due to my dislike of most people in general and the air-travel-slime that gets deposited on the modern air traveler in particular. Itís like you need a good scraping when you leave the airport. You smell better after a shift behind the deep fryer at Possum on a Stick. The Denver airport should simply sink into the Earthís crust and be vaporized by magma. I thought Dulles was the worst airport in the Universe, but Denver is certainly a close rival. (At least Denver doesnít have that retarded PeopleMover bus system that Dulles has.) Itís like a fucking bus station. Understaffed, smelly, crowded, inconvenient. Fly Greyhound. The best part was that at the end of our journey through the air, it was time to get into a car and drive for 3 and Ĺ hours to our final destination. Into the most spectacularly beautiful and dramatic thunderstorm I have ever seen. For the last two hours of the drive, the lightning was traveling from cloud to cloud and from the clouds to the ground about every ten seconds. I have never seen lightning so fat and wide and bright. It didnít start to rain til we were almost to our hotel. The hotel clerk was surly and rude, as is the way of his fathers, and their fathers before them. Hey, Best Western! Is ďmisanthropeĒ part of your job description for Night Clerk? Because it was sure fun for me to struggle with my luggage to open the two sets of front doors while Night Clerk Beavis watched and refused to help!! And then made me go get my confirmation number! I took my monkey with me on this bidness trip because I donít like the idea of leaving a 15 year-old home alone to throw firecrackers at the neighbors and generally act like he doesnít know which fork to use. He says heíll never go with me again, but since there arenít a lot of people clamoring to help me out with him when I have to leave, I donít know if heíll get his wish.

We finished our meetings early and got a chance to go here:

And here:

And see these:

And a Whereís Waldo? version of prairie dogs:

Todayís Fun Fact(s):

In South Dakota, beer is frequently consumed topped with a cup of tomato juice. South Dakotans also drink beer with olives in it.

In most of South Dakota, you canít get a cell phone signal.

In most gas stations in South Dakota, one can play video poker if one is so inclined.

This evening, I am taking my ex-dog Trudy to visit a family that wants to adopt her because they are certain that they adopted her sister from the animal shelter whence Trudy came. That dog, the long-lost ?sister?, died a mysterious and untimely death, and they now want another dog. When they saw Trudyís picture, they wanted her sight-unseen, so Iíve got my fingers crossed that these are HER PEOPLE. Where she can be an ONLY DOG and not have to bite other dogs.

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