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Sort of back from the dead, but not really.

What a week. Not in a good way. There's been a big EduConference in town that I've had to both attend and give presentations at, and it has sucked my soul dry.

I hate the public speaking, what with the stuttering, flop sweats, and jokes that are hilarious only to me. So of course, in order to make me GROW as a person, my boss is constantly volunteering me to give presentations. One of my colleagues was knocked out of her wheelchair (really) and couldn't give her presentations, so of course it became my job to talk about something I only know a little bit about. Fun! By the way, I don't really need to GROW as a person because I've been tempted to call in fat every day for the last month.

So that was fun. Other fun things from the past week:

The same lady who yelled at me for my dogs pooping in her yard a month ago (I was in the process of picking up the poop when she yelled) did it again. Only this time she asked nicely -- "Would you please walk your dogs somewhere else?" I'm guessing that the last time, when I told her to go ahead and call the police, she did just that and got a lecture about manners and the proper use of tax dollars. So she asked nicely, which changed my attitude right around. I responded, of course, "No." Maybe tomorrow morning I'll drop my own drawers and leave a steamer in her yard.

Go see "Layer Cake." The British simply kick our asses in the caper film genre. It is the best movie I've seen in a very long time, and I've heard no buzz about it over here. We, of course, continue to kick their asses is the realms of customer service and edible food.

The bouf this weekend was paella cooked on the grill -- I mean in a pan, because the rice would just fall through, silly. It was good but we made enough for about 10 people and we don't have 10 friends any more because they've all lost their minds and/or avoid us like the plague. The paella contained mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken, and snausages. Yum. We also made a TRIPLE batch of vanilla ice cream, which does nothing to help me with the not being so fat.

One of my kittens continues to look like a prop from a horror film. The mosquito bites have somewhat resolved, but they're still all scabby. Katy has added kitten scabs to the list of disgusting things she loves, so she sits with the kitten and licks her ears obsessively. So strange. But cute.

Anyhoo, I'm tired and exhausted and need a vacation. That's my story.

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