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Hooo. Good to be home. Tired.

One of my cats has ears that look like the "before" picture on a Proactiv infomercial because she is delicious to skeeters and she is very sensitive to skeeter bites. Her ears appear to have leprosy. She also seems to have been bitten on her nose. She's not so cute lately, what with the little crusty lesions, et al. She is, however, much cuter and more talented than that skanky Jessica Simpson, who seems to have been passed around from Bam Margera to Johnny Knoxville, not exactly a career move.

The LaZCoWorker scandal drags on. He is no longer being paid, due to the fact that he no longer shows up for work. Sometimes the corporate world is logical, sometimes not so much. Apparently he has been getting antidepressants from his GP. I have a theory about everything, including this. My theory is that his wife is so obsessed with appearing to the world to be perfect that she's not allowing him to seek psychiatric care. Isn't that a special bond, where someone loves you so much they won't let you get help because it might mar the perfect image they've built of themselves? And this woman is in no way perfect to anyone but herself. She wears nothing but the Stretchy Clothes Collection from QVC, wears a headband everyday a la Hilary Clinton two decades ago, and spends all of her disposable income (and then some...) on candles and picture frames. It's a plot line that has dragged on for far too long (like Luke and Laura, Dallas, Dynasty, my marriage...) and should just die, already.

I just finished reading "Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowell -- it's quite good. She has, of course, a liberal point of view which seeps in now and then and didn't bother me a bit, but it's almost all historical in nature. I wasted most of my free public school education by doodling and daydreaming and thinking about boys, and I never had any teachers who really set the world of history on fire for me, so I am really ignorant when it comes to most aspects of it, sadly.

It's funny how life balances out -- lose someone from your favorites list (go screw yourself!), gain someone else. I don't know why it even matters, but damn it, it does! Pick me! I'm popular! I'm pretty sure we know who was always picked last for dodgeball...

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