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Just fire him already!!

Holy Crunk. Why is it so hard to fire someone from a non-contract job when they have stopped working? It just. doesn't. make. sense. Let's look at the situation in a more positive light: Here at EduMart, you can't get fired even if you try, so take it easy! Stay home! When you DO come to work, don't fix things so that they don't have errors -- make them so they DO have errors! Other people will fix it!!

Lawyers. Lawyers are being consulted. And I just had to go through old emails to figure out when LazyNonWorker wasn't here. I started reading old blog entries to help identify specific dates when he wasn't here, but then I just kept going "Aww, Katy's so funny" and I got distracted.

Yesterday I lunched with Former Co-Worker Tina and her new co-worker and my former co-worker Sam (I know, I suck at the pseudonyms). We discussed WorkSlut and just how insane she is and boy howdy, did I learn a lot. She's been stalking Sam for like two years and trying to blackmail him into impregnating her. Of course, this is all gossippy and interesting, but the big upshot for Tina and me was that we are really horrible judges of character and really shouldn't be allowed to choose our own friends, ever. Because I don't mind having a friend who likes to be tied up, can handle two dudes at once, and can suppress her gag reflex, but I don't want that person to LIE to me about HER WHOLE LIFE and pretend to be something that she's not, because jeebus h. christ, that's just awful.

On a more visceral note, I found a dead snake and a half this morning. Time to send out a search party for the other half.

Buster likes to pretend he's a bear. He scratches and scrapes himself up against bushes and shrubbery in an attempt to remove the old fur coat (that I shaved off already), and he grunts while he's doing it in a very orsine fashion -- uhhgh, unngh in a very baritone voice. Which is all very cute except when he tries to do this on a bush not substantial enough to take his weight and proceeds to fall over, crushing someone's landscaping in the process. It's hard to be nonchalant under these circumstances.

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