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Un Peu de Tout = An Assortment of Nonsense

Things I Removed from Katy's Jaws over the Past Two Days:

1. One (1) can Pringles Potato Chips, half full (or half empty?)
2. One (1) butane lighter

Places I Am Going Later:

1. Nashville

Too bad, not Memphis. No Graceland for me. No wandering around singing "Walking in Memphis." A good thing, in the long run.

People Who May Be Buying a House Soon:

1. The greggers

We do not, of course, cohabitate as he is allergic to cats, dogs, pollen, kittens, and me and because we'd kill one another by day 3 if we even tried because we can't even agree on toilet paper strategies (cheap vs. cushion-y) or on how depressing it is to sit in the dark or whether it's better to be a morning person or a night owl. So, sicksicksick of apartment living, the greggers will soon grow up and go into massive decades-long debt.

People Who Hate the Texas State Bird:

1. Me

I understand why the Texas state bird is constantly dive-bombing and pecking Junebug, as he is a connoisseur of fine bird flesh. However, when one Texas state bird lures him out acting all helpless and the other Texas state bird dives down and pecks him over and over again, I both admire and revile the Texas state bird.

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