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Going into the witness protection program for this:

So, why do we blog? What is it about baring your soul (NOT bearing your sole*) to the world that is somehow satisfying to us? Is it that you just have to write, you're a writer, you need to express yourself? Maybe, a little, but you can do that without the sharing, so, no. If you have to write, all you need is pen and paper. Blogging is different. It's different because of the sharing, the sharing of innermost thoughts with strangers.

So why do we do that? Is it the need for acceptance, the "I'm smart, I'm popular, look at me!" aspect? Yeah, maybe a little bit. Who among us doesn't want to be the next Dusty? On the other hand, a lot of people who blog (most, in my informal unscientific survey of my favorites) don't share their innermost thoughts and feelings because, well, because they're none of your damned business. They don't need or want the emotional voyeurism. I don't mind telling about how I farted during a meeting or accidentally wore my dress backwards or am feeling a bit disinterested in my job, but I don't care if you judge me for that shit. Because I share it because it's stupid and we all do it. I <3 Pimp and Andy precisely because they share the part of themselves that's most juvenile and (big word alert) puerile and that's the best part of most people.

That being said, I also love reading biodtl and others because I can relate to their frustrations and because they're funny, too.

Point? Is there a point here? Yes, asshole, be patient.

Then the issue of judgement comes in. I think that if you share your innermost soft, squishy bits, your nougatty center, with the world, you can't just expect everyone to applaud you for doing so. Expect a bit of harsh backlash now and then, because not everyone is going to agree with you.

Closer to the point? Getting there...

Point: I've been hesitant to comment on Judd's romance because I know he's got fans and blog-friends everywhere and because he was the first big-time playah among bloggers to put me on his favorites and I love reading his journal. I know that if I speak my mind I'll get slammed with negative karma, but if you put yourself out there as he has, isn't that just inviting mind-speaking? No one minds it much when the reaction is all "Yay!" so shouldn't they also welcome a hint of reality? I wish him (and really, almost everyone, except the pedophile and the Wicked Witch) the best, but if someone I knew in the flesh said to me "Hey! I'm quitting my job, selling all of my stuff, getting rid of my dog, selling my house, moving around the world and marrying a welfare mom with two kids who I've known for two weeks and whose ex-?husband? is in the loony bin because he tried to kill himself!" I wouldn't congratulate him. Especially if that person were on the rebound from a long term painful relationship. Yet... Whooo hooo! everyone says. Good luck.

No. To the whooo hooo part. Yes to the good luck part, because it's just a scenario for disaster. So, go ahead, send me hate mail! But that's a bandwagon I can't jump onto, because I don't think he's thinking straight. Would you tell an acoholic "Congratulations on that new litre of vodka, dude!"? No, but because you care about the outcome, not because you're just a little beeyotch.

Glad I got that off my chest.

This morning Katy and Buster ate an entire new jar of Pounce, which now comes in an assortment of wacky shapes. Why do cats need their treats to be shaped in wacky shapes? So I expect tonight's walk to be punctuated with a lot of farting and some soft-serv poops.

*Also, it's "poring over a book," not "pouring over a book," unless cocktails are being served from a pitcher in the vicinity above a hardbound publication.

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