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Apathy, malaise, ennui... I need a good strong kick in the pants. Or a new haircut.

Take a look at this. Very good idea or the product of the dangerously twisted mind of a master con artist? I'm tempted to buy one because I fall for every retarded idea anyone has (to wit: my Equator 3600C, which hasn't worked in over a year yet still sits in my kitchen, mocking me silently) because I have no stupidity filter in my head. So is it smart or dumb? Please let me know before I click on Add to Shopping Cart.

No fatalities last night. Greg supposes that one day I will wake up to find that the kittens have killed a coyote and dragged it halfway through the dog door, which doesn't seem all that unlikely to me. Maybe I should make friends with a taxidermist so I can get a kitten-kill trophy head wall going. Mouse, mouse, sparrow, rat, grackle...

The Meanest Boy I Know left this message in my comments yesterday: You must still be mad with the Wicked Witch. On that point i have news.

The Wicked Witch was my UK sub-boss because my real boss wouldn't boss me. The Wicked Witch made my life miserable and is/was/always will be very unpleasant. How mean is it to say "i have news" and then not tell the news? Very. I promise I'll stop referring to Dik as "the hot one" if you tell me the news. It could be so many things. It could be that WW is blaming me for the failure of the project that she has (micro)mismanaged into the ground. It could be that she's in trouble for (micro)mismanaging said project. Need the info. It's not like I'm going to ask the flying monkey what's going on...

See? Malaise. Told you.

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