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Like the last time we went to "Just Jack!"

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There is no such word as expecially. Grow up.

This morning on the radio, "local radio personality" John Lisle said "...your level of comfterability with women..." I spelled comfterability phonetically because that's the only way to spell non-words. The word is "comfort." It's a perfectly good word. Use it.

If you use the phrase "'s one of those things to where..." then you need to stop it immediately. I have a co-worker who constantly says things like "When I go to a restaurant, it's one of those things to where I like to sit near the blah blah." See? If you leave out all of those extra words, you have the same thought with fewer words. And for most people, fewer spoken words = happier BadDogLady. And god knows that should be everyone's goal.

Tomorrow night the Kill Your Liver Festival (aka Fiesta) begins in San Antonio. It's three straight weeks of goofy, made-up events that are all an excuse to close off the streets and drink. If you owned a Port-a-Potty concession in South Texas, you'd be sort of a loser, but raking in the cash right now. The neighborhood I live in has their own little street party. I expect to see WorkSlut there making out with a carny behind the Tilt-a-Whirl. But that's just because Pimp and Andy won't be there for her to aim for. Carny's the next best thing.

Why I'm Not a Party Planner: Yesterday, someone I work with left to work for EduServ, one of PubMart's chief competitors. I sent him an e-mail asking him if he'd like to be cocktailed out in style. This was his response: I am available this afternoon. Give me a call on my cell.

So Tina and I conferred and eventually settled on a short, select list of invitees. Tina sent out e-mails to people inviting them to meet at Restaurant after 5-ish. Then I call the guest of honor and he tells me HE CAN'T MAKE IT. So she informs everyone that the guest of honor won't be there, but we're still going. So it was Just Us (say it with Jazz Hands!). Damn people.

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