There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Hey, Disney, make a musical out of this.

I knew all about Daylight Savings Time and most of my clocks were reset by the tiny people who live inside my electronics, anyway. But my alarm clock is hard to reset. I can't find the "Off" or "Snooze" or "Reset" buttons on my alarm clock.

This is my alarm clock.

It wakes me up at 6:30 a.m. daily, even on Saturdays and Sundays and Hangover days. But today, it woke my ass up at 7:45. That's late. That's "can't get to work on time" late. I'm going to have to reset it using the other kind of alarm clock. It should take approximately one day to get Katy on a new schedule. Katy likes schedules. She's a bit of a fascist when it comes to things running on time.

Death toll over the weekend:

  • Too many cockroaches to count (the enormous brown Texas ones)
  • Two snakes, both played to death
  • One large chunk of the greggers' liver
  • The kittens both love to trot triumphantly past the people holding a semi-concious cockroach in their mouths. One of the kittens likes to take her spoils of war and put them into my shoes. Buster likes to take the cockroaches away from the kittens and eat them. Although I don't want Buster to eat cockroaches, I also don't always remember to check my shoes for dead vermin before I put my feet into the shoes. Circle of life, get out of my shoes.

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