There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


What doth the little busy bee?

Katy's stream of consciousness circa 6:30 a.m. CST:

Time to get up, time to get up, up, up, up! Hey, lady! Up! Up! LickLickLick! Gotta pee. Trot, trot, dog door, pee, trot, dog door, trot. Hey, Buster! Get up! Let's all get up! Up! Up! Hey, stupid cat, stop touching the lady! Gnaw, gnaw, grrowwll, pounce! Busterrrr! Up! No one will get up with me. But I feel so busy, busy, busy, gotta do something, something, something chewy. Gotta chew something! Let's see, what's around here...? Trash! Oh my gawd I LOVE trash! Yay! Cottage cheese container needs to be chewed! Chew chew chew. Gone. Plastic hanger? I don't even wear clothes so I don't need this hanger! I need to chew on it, though! Chew chew chew chew. Hey lady! You up yet? Stupid cat. Pounce! Chew chew chew. No more hangy part on the the hanger! Anybody up yet? What's wrong with them? Hey! I think there's fresh fixin's in the plastic box with sand and treats in it! Mmmmm. Need to find more trash - hey! There's a dog on MY street! ARFARFARFARF!! Hey! The lady's up and she's calling my name! Hey! Lady! Why is that stupid cat still on you? Get off, cat!

What's wrong with the lady? I only chewed a few things and none of them were even shoes.

KDHD, indeed.

My new computer's here, whooo hooo! It's sleek and silver and I haven't even dropped it yet and when I do drop it, I have extra insurance to cover dropping-related repairs.

Last night, much drinking was sponsored by PubCorp, a division of PubMart International. The following conversation was overheard:

"No one will ever approve thish expensh report cuz it'sh all drinks and stuff."

"Oh, don' worry bout it. I approve your expensh reportsh, 'member?"

I did tuck a $20 into the cleavage of one of the corporate card-wielding ladies, though. We both enjoyed that a little too much.

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