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Oddly serious.

Three major events have been taking up a lot of my mental energy:

1) The attention being paid to Terri Schiavo and the gratuitous opinions being bandied about;
2) the crash of the d-land server and its associated loss of my photos and subsequent refusal to upload photos; and
3) I got wireless Internet access installed yesterday so I will rarely have to leave my couch. I may begin updating several times a day and begin new blogs just because I can. The content won't be better or funnier, there will just be more of the mediocre stuff.

Back to 1). The suffering this family has gone through is unimaginable. Now their private anguish is all over CNN 24 hours a day. What was essentially a family matter is now literally a federal case. I'm hoping that the constitutional tinkering Congress is doing will blow up in their faces and send a lot of them packing come re-election time.

And the comparisons to Hitler? Don't get me started. A loving husband trying to do what his wife wished for is equivalent to genocide? How does that equation work?

Here's why I think that this issue is so galvanizing: We all fear that one day we'll be in a position where we can't speak or act for ourselves, and our explicit wishes won't be carried out because those wishes make some people uncomfortable. I think that when most people see the carefully choreographed video clips on TV, they think "Oh, please, please, please never let me be that."

I think the lesson that we're all learning is this: Write a living will now. Today. Not tomorrow.

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