There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Creatively bankrupt. As well as financially.

How To Piss Off Your Friends:

1) Buy them stuff while they're out of town and you're dog-sitting for a big pack of idiots. Leave them gifts in their clean house to greet them upon their return.
2) Take pictures of funny stuff around their home and post them on your blog.

How To Piss Off a Blogger:

1) Make the blog site so it won't upload funny pictures of goofy stuff in your friends' home.

Photographic evidence coming soon, hopefully. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!

This weekend was spent proving that people without allergies are clearly superior to people with allergies. It was also spent with Buster demonstrating that the common gate latch is no match for his brain plus his nose. Flip. Hey, look, we can go out! Wheeee!

Other than that, we were quite dull this weekend. We should have gone to Austin, but we didn't. We should have taken up a healthy lifestyle and given up drinking, but we didn't. We just talked about how everyone else we know ranges from just a little bit weirder than we are to really fucking bizarre-o weirdly freakish. Then I played another game of "What the fuck is that smell?!?" in my home, which led to me taking the refrigerator apart to get to one of the few things on the planet that has ever made me gag (not you, sweety. You make me gag in a good way.) namely, the nest of the rat that I had found two weeks ago. One trip to Home Depot, one trip to Lowe's, and a Silkwood-style scrubbing later, I can feel relatively assured that I won't come down with the Hanta virus this week.

Then my screen door fell off and I felt like a Clampett again. Before the black gold was discovered, I mean. Sigh.

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